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Quick respond service of Thang Loi Gallagher provides an instant security solution for our customers. Quick respond service of Thang Loi Gallagher Online Security Center will be available in time when receiving alarm / emergency calls from customers.
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Everyday, the risk of insecurity can occur at any time and then each individual or organization will need immediate assistance. Think of Quick respond service of Thang Loi Gallagher as soon as you meet the following situations:

Security situations need to use Quick respond service in Da Nang:

  • Your family and facilities occur causing disorder and insecurity.
  • Breaking incidents, property theft.
  • For parents who live alone, the elderly, or children cannot transport to school or have problems on the way.
  • Any problems need immediate support.
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The ways you can contact the Quick respond team:

  • Press the emergency alarm button installed by Thang Loi Gallagher. The emergency signal will immediately transmit to Thang Loi Gallagher Online Security Center. Emergency button suitable for fixed objectives such as factories, buildings, supermarkets, households, etc.
  • Call the hotline of Thang Loi Gallagher Online Security Center via phone number: 0236 3 647 789. Emergency calls are suitable for having trouble on the way, transporting children to school , fire, etc.
  • The Quick respond team of Thang Loi Gallagher in the nearest area will move quickly and immediately reach the location of customers. In complicated cases, we will contact the nearest authorities such as police, fire police, hospitals, ... to provide timely support.
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The Quick respond service of Thang Loi Gallagher is present immediately and greatly reduces the damage and risks to customers.



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