Enterprise security system

Today, a business, large or small all needs a modern enterprise security system and ensures safety of order and assets. To protect your employees and assets safestly, your security system must be wide enough and reliable enough to quickly detect threats from internal theft or intrusion from outside; as well as the risk of fire and electric shock.

Enterprise security system of Thang Loi Da Nang security services

Regardless of how different your business size and operations are, Thang Loi Gallagher will design an optimal security alarm system that best meets the needs of your business. Security plans and solutions are designed to best suit your business, we put safety criteria first, along with the suitability of equipment, affordable prices and effective as well as convenient and easy to manage. When the business changes in scales and operational characteristics, the technology equipment system is easily adjusted to suit the reality that businesses need.

Thang Loi Da Nang has nearly 15 years of experience in consulting and developing security plans by man-power. So with Thang Loi Gallagher, the combination of man-power with modern technology equipment has brought efficiency far beyond traditional concepts of security services. The coordination between security guards and security equipment that we call Intergrated Security Solutions.
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What are the limitations of using only protection personnel?

  • Unable to control all security risks at a time.

  • Cannot work continuously, exactly like machines.

  • Increasing labor costs, the unskilled labor force is increasingly scarce.

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What are the advantages of intergrated security solutions?

  • Effectiveness: higher level of control

  • Accuracy: operates continuously 24/7, without ignoring any security risks.

  • Timely: Warn immediately when an insecurity incident occurs

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Intergrated security solution is a combination of man-power advantages and equipment in security control. As soon as there is an intrusion alarm signal, the camera in that area will immediately scan to the intruder position and the door system automatically locks. Under the guidance of the Online Security Center who are monitoring the site via the camera screens, the security guards at the site will immediately approach the warning area. Warning information is also immediately reported to related parties:


Detecting objects   VMS/DVR/NVR   Control camera PTZ   Signal at the Online Security Center    


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Notify the representative of the customer (by phone, email automatically),
Notify the police office (when necessary)


Notify the representative of the customer

Mobilize the Quick Respond Team to support

"Security problems are detected and prevented in time by the online monitoring system of Thang Loi Gallagher Online Security Center."



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