The largest and most professional security service company in Da Nang. Thang Loi Da Nang provides security service and online security system in the age of 4.0 technology.
Tranditional security service

Tranditional security services 24/24/365

As the leading security protection service provider in Da Nang in the last 15 years, Thang Loi security service joint stock company has hundreds of large and small customers with unique needs. There are customers who need only a 24/24 security location but there are also customers who need 200-300 personnel to operate security for 1 day. No matter what size, security is easy. hard, flexible or fixed, our company always responds well to customers. Thang Loi Da Nang Security Services Joint Stock Company is the leading and trusted unit of customers. Not only in Da Nang market, but the company also serves customers in the markets of Quang Nam, Hue and Quang Ngai .... always quickly and well meet the needs of customers.

Online security system

In the past, when it came to security services, it was referring to the image of people standing on duty at factories, company, villas, banks, offices, shops... But now in developed countries, they have used the public technology and intelligent security equipment to support security guards to guard, control and prevent security risks. Collaboration between security guards and smart security devices provides effective security control that goes far beyond traditional thinking about professional security services. Online security service Thang Loi Gallagher was born in Da Nang.
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