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Intruder alarm service

In the past, security service refers to the image of people standing on duty at factories, enterprises, villas, banks and offices ... But now in developed countries, they used technology and smart security equipment to support security guards to guard, control and prevent security risks. Collaboration between security guards and smart security devices provides effective security control that goes far beyond traditional thinking about professional security services. So, the Online security service Thang Loi Gallagher was born in Da Nang by Victory Da Nang Security Service JSC.

Intruder alarm control service

We understand the challenges of protecting customers' assets from intrusion. Therefore, we provide intrusion alarm system designed specifically for each customer. By using technology to monitor online intrusion, Thang Loi Gallagher can help protect your property continuously 24h / 24h, 365 days a year.

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Intruder alarm devices

The intruder alarm monitoring service of Thang Loi Gallagher provides customers with an alarm system installed at the protection target and is continuously connected to the operating center. When a problem occurs, the alarm signal is immediately reported to the operating center and the specified address. In addition to the on-site personnel, Thang Loi Gallagher is always ready for the Quick Respond Team to come to the scene to participate in handling the incident. With the commitment to be at the scene after 7 to 15 minutes, the Quick Respond Team staff combined with continuous management from the center will solve the incident quickly with the highest efficiency, minimizing damage to customers. This is one of the preeminent features of the online security system.

Photobeam sensor / AIR sensor (active sensor)

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Sensor devices Simulation image Reality image 

Outdoor sensor PIR 

Cảm biến PIR ngoài trời/ Cảm biến công nghệ kép sử dụng trong giám sát báo động bảo vệ an ninh Đà Nẵng 1

Cảm biến PIR ngoài trời/ Cảm biến công nghệ kép sử dụng trong giám sát báo động bảo vệ an ninh Đà Nẵng 2

Cảm biến PIR ngoài trời/ Cảm biến công nghệ kép sử dụng trong giám sát báo động bảo vệ an ninh Đà Nẵng

Sensor devices Simulation image Reality image 

Alarm monitoring service is designed to suit all security needs of customers

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Intruder Alarm monitoring for family Intruder Alarm monitoring for business

Each customer has different protection needs, which is why our alarm system is specifically designed to provide the best solution. From the anti-smashing glass sensor and anti-door sensor, to the latest safes and motion detection technology, we will coordinate the strengths of each device to help your business be safed.



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