Access control system

Protect for your businesses with Thang Loi Gallagher's Access Control System as part of today's most advanced integrated security solution. Thang Loi Gallagher provides flexible, integrated access control solutions to meet customers' security and business requirements. Smart data management, keep safe of customers' information. Automatic access control technology is the ideal solution to control personnel entering and leaving customers' premises or restricted areas.

access control technology

The outstanding features of Thang Loi Gallagher Access Control system

1. Decentralizing access to certain areas, restricting access to areas is not allowed. The system can also set the time allowed for entry so that even authorized people cannot enter the area outside the specified time.

2. Gather important information about personnel entering and leaving a region such as the names of people going in and out, places and times of entry and exit.
3. A magnetic card or an integrated software on the phone can be used to open doors to the authorized areas.

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At Thang Loi Gallagher, we provide the most advanced and scalable solutions possible to control access to one, two or hundreds of doors with thousands of cardholders. Customers can manage the access control system by themselves or can choose to register Thang Loi Gallagher's Online Access and Monitoring Service to manage the access control system. Regardless of the solution, we provide comprehensive support to ensure that our customers gain maximum benefits and value from Thang Loi Gallagher's access control system.




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