Reinforcement options for anti-theft for doors

Household security protection measures
Surely all homeowners worry about the most is that the theft break into the house. But what is the best way to ensure the safety for your home? Install an alarm system, camera (if not already installed, do it right away), or keep dogs as a good solution.

The current statistics show that most thieves will break into the house through the front door or the back door. Therefore, you need to make sure these doors are locked and reinforced securely. THANG LOI DA NANG shared with you the options for reinforcing the anti-theft door as follows:

Option 1: Install suitable door type

Install the right type of door

If your front door or back door is an empty door, you need to replace it immediately. So how do you know it is an empty door? Just knock on the door is immediately known. With an empty door, they would be just a piece of plywood wrapped around the core of the cardboard.
The doors must be made with the following materials:

  • Glass fiber.
  • Hard wood.
  • Hardwood core (with plywood layer outside the hard core layer).
  • Metal

To ensure maximum safety for the house, all doors need to be glass-free. Besides, you should not install windows near the entrance. Because thieves can rely on windows and open doors from inside.

But if your door is a sliding door, you can attach safety grating outside the glass panels.

Option 2: Lock the door
A large proportion of break-ins have occurred recently because the thieves enters the house through unlocked doors. Of course, with even the most secure locks in the world, it's useless if you don't use them!
Lock the door whenever you leave the house. Even if you only go for a few minutes.

Install door latch
Except for sliding doors, every door to the house must have a deadbolt lock attached to the door handle. Door latches need to ensure high quality, can be 1 or 2 type, hard metal without screws floating outside. Along with the lock release, the lock type has latched out from the door and must be at least 2.5 cm long. Door locks need to be properly attached.

Install sink lock
To ensure the safety of the house, install another lock. The sunken lock is the type of lock that they will not have the key to open from the outside.
Reinforced sliding door
The best safe way for sliding doors is to install key-operated locks both above and below. 

Option 3: Reinforce the entrance

Attach a protective shaft around the lock core
The thief can sometimes remove or break the lock core by beating, twisting or prying. Therefore, protect this part by using metal plates or protective rings on both sides of the door.



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