How to respond when the house has stolen, advice from security experts

Stealing is the "enemy" of many families today, no one wants his family to be "visited" by thieves. So how to do the house when the house is broken by thieves? What is the necessity of installing burglar alarms? Let's find out with the content below.

What to do when detecting a theft in your house?


How to respond when the house has stolen

In recent times, the situation of theft is increasing, thief are becoming more sophisticated, more daring tricks. They cause serious consequences to the psychology and activities of many people in society.

So what do you need to do when a thief is discovered? How to handle how to avoid human and assets? Warning with automatic theft alarms is effective?

When you discover a thief, you may be more proactive and more advantageous in some ways. Depending on the actual situation, the treatment methods will be different. However, when you are at a disadvantage, you and your relatives need to have effective solutions to handle.

Keep out of sight of the thief
Do not face to the thief. Unlike movies, when the main character holds a weapon to find a thief, you should actually find a safe place. If you are not prepared, it is the best not to face them. There may be dangerous situations. You need to keep calm.

Find defensive weapons
In urgent cases, you can find a stick, a sharp object or pepper spray, ... to defend yourself when a thief finds it.

Turn off the lights and be absolutely silent
You should try not to attract the thief's attention. Turn off all lights and sit quietly in a safe place until the police arrive.

Do not warn the thief
When the thief is not know where you are hiding, you absolutely cannot say something like "I told the police already". Then the thief will find your hiding place and you will be in danger.

Call the police when possible
When it is safe, call the police immediately. Try to announce the address and situation in the shortest way. Then continue to keep your phone so they can update the situation and keep you calm.

Choose a convenient location in the room
When the thief is trying to break the door of your room, your advantageous position is opposite to the door. When the door pops out, it's easy to resist and attack him. But if the thief doesn't enter the room, stay in the room until the police arrive.

Ask the police to check the whole house
Make sure your house is safe. Invite relatives and friends to spend a few days in case the thief still lurks in the house or comes back a day or two later. Be wary of checking to make sure no one is "staying", wandering near your home.

Install theft alarm
The above ways will help you keep safe when burglary intrusion. But have you ever thought about how to make a thief without a chance to break in instead of trying to deal with them when there is a critical situation?

Installing burglar alarms is a great solution to help you quickly stop thieves from the outside area. The equipment system will quell their hope when they intend to steal your family's assets. Because when they first stepped into the house or even the garden, the fence, the thieves will soon be taken away by the "guardians".

How to respond when the house has stolen



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